About Us


The crew at CrossFit MANA thrive on making a difference to people's lives, we want to build strong healthy individuals determined not to suck at life. We are all for making life easier and more enjoyable by injecting confidence in our members to realise their potential. Our enthusiastic trainers are striving to build a strong and proud community by encouraging and growing functional, useful human beings. The only thing we demand of our Crossfitters is that they give their absolute best, whatever it may be on that day.

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning methodology for life. Anybody can do it in from eighty-year old grandmas to professional athletes in a fun, energizingly-infectious and safe environment supervised by qualified trainers.

CrossFit Mana has been affiliated since 2009. We offer a range of services from group CrossFit sessions, personal training, team building & Olympic weightlifting.


Simply, Mana takes on a similar meaning to power and prestige.

Individuals can acquire, increase or lose their mana through the deeds they performed. Mana influences the way in which people and groups conduct themselves, acting as a reference point for the achievements and successes in one's life. Similarly, the mana that is attached to natural resources, whakapapa and inanimate objects can affect the behaviours of individuals and groups.

It is difficult to attach a single definition to Mana. Mana takes on a whole range of meanings depending on its association and the context in which it is being used. (Adapted from the Ministry of Justice and Wikipedia.org)

What we do

We do things a bit differently at our gym (‘box'). You won't find many machines, (apart from the human type), too many mirrors, earphones in ears or big egos. You WILL find ropes, tyres, smiling faces plenty of barbells, kettlebells, and a different approach to having fun whilst getting fitter.