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How to get started & what to expect

Contact us and we’ll set up a FREE one hour intro session. If, after your free intro session, you’d like to continue training with CrossFit MANA you’ll first need to undergo our 5 session MANA On-Ramp. During MANA On-Ramp our trainers, will cover, in depth, the basic skills required to become proficient at CrossFit. This allows all new athletes to get comfortable with the skills, exercises and methods used in our group CrossFit classes.

Free Trial Class

You’ll be taken under the wing of one of our trainers, they will explain to you the basics of the CrossFit methodology as a strength and conditioning system, you’ll be introduced to our warm-up protocols and taught basic movements. Then put the fundamentals to good use by finishing off with a workout which may include lifting, jumping and running.

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